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Book cover - Exhibition: _Flora and Fauna_ at Seriegalleriet in Stockholms

Exhibition: Flora and Fauna at Seriegalleriet in Stockholms


The exhibition Flora and Fauna will be taking place at Seriegalleriet.

The opening of the show will be at 11th of september 12am – 16pm. The exhibition will run between 11 sep – 13 okt.

I will show a large section of my work my graphic novel Flora and Fauna, original, extra material and sketches from my work. It will also be book and screenprints avalible during the show.

Book cover - _Min hund (My Dog)_ - New picture book for small children

Min hund (My Dog) - New picture book for small children


My first toddler book Min hund (My Dog) is out, published by Lilla piratförlag. A slightly surreal and fun toddler book. We meet emotions we may have in the encounter with a pet or perhaps with something else in life, which turns out to be so much bigger than we thought.

Book cover - _Flora and Fauna_ – NEW graphic novel from Epix förlag

Flora and Fauna – NEW graphic novel from Epix förlag


Beside my work as a illustrator I have been working on a graphic novel called Flora and Fauna. And suddenly its finished!

I am proud to tell you it’s published at swedish most legendary publisher Epix förlag. You can order it in your bookshop but also directly from me! I will have a late book release this autumn! Will be awesome!

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Book cover - Screenprint collaboration with Longest night

Screenprint collaboration with Longest night


“Longest night” is a new started printing workshop based in Gothenburg. I have the honor to work with them. “Recovery” is my first print with them. A four-color print, 46 * 64 cm, limited edition of about 110 copies.

The picture is taken from my upcoming graphicnovel “Flora and Fauna” which will be published by Epix in 2021.

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