Tecknade Toner – Kulturhuset

Teckna tillsammans med improvisations musik av gruppen Klubb Spontan. Mina händer skakade och känns naturligt eftersom jag fått diagnosen social fobi. Men sen släppte det och upplevelsen av att teckna live var helt fantastiskt! Så missa inte när Serieteket på Kulturhuset i Stockholm hits med Tecknade Toner igen!




Book by It’s Cover about Run away Dog

Book by its cover had a nice review of my comic Runaway Dog

Part of the outstanding mini comics series put out by the kuš comics group in Latvia, Runaway Dog, executes an unexpectedly elegant, sparse narrative with drawings that shimmer with silliness and surrealism.


In it’s barest form, Östergren’s story is about a goofy dog named Moses finding freedom and new opportunities with a cute ragtag forest family headed by a toddling gnome. On this level, it’s appropriate (if not a little weird) as a delightful children’s tale, but I also found it resonating on more adult frequencies as well. The essential message being conveyed is a reminder to not get caught in a situation where you can’t fully live to your potential (chained to your doghouse, that is). This point is made poetically – all gnome-dog dialogue contains charming benevolence leading down enigmatic trails. Details -such as a group of miniature friends hanging out mostly inside of bottles- is explained only vaguely and left for the reader to do the interpretive footwork. It’s a rich pairing of vivid and playful visuals and a narrative that has a childlike open-endedness to it.

This would hardly be a complete review without a little gushing over how enjoyable the art is. I initially encountered Östergren’s drawing style in her book The Duke and His Army where I fell in love with it’s intuitive feel, strange proportions and vivid color work. It summons in my head some of the strange energies of Maurice Sendak’s illustrations and Amanda Vahamaki’s comics- a fluid matching of unruly detailing, realistic care and bubbling caricature. There’s a contagious fun to the art in Runaway Dog, a roly-poly floppiness to it all that makes it hard to keep a smile off your face while you read. With Östergren’s terrific, organic approach to patterning, the colors seem to have the symbolic wit of Bohemian folk art. Runaway Dog is a small book and a short story,and in that it’s a tiny treasure.


The Graphic Canon nyheter!

En ny artikel om The Graphic Canon antologi! på Publishers Weekly:

Having been sparsely represented in the first three Graphic Canon volumes, children’s literature is featured exclusively in this anthology of more than 40 fables, fairy tales, and classic stories adapted into comics. Like its predecessors, the book allows readers to see timeworn stories in a new light, whether it’s Lance Tooks’s trio of Aesop’s fables, set in the worlds of tabloid celebrities and love-struck gangsters; Sandy Jimenez’s take on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, featuring David Bowie and Freddie Mercury; or R. Sikoryak’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which spoofs Bil Keane’s “Family Circus.” Nearly all the contributors chose to adapt early, gnarlier versions of stories that were sanitized over the years, most notably by Disney for its animated films; through their efforts, the stories reclaim some of their original eccentricities and philosophical merit. These dazzlingly varied renderings run the gamut from haunting to comical while offering visceral reminders that children’s stories are often densely layered, infinitely transposable, and peddle in imagery both macabre and whimsical. It is the unfettered imagination of these stories that make them not only wildly entertaining, but also vessels of forgotten truths. All ages. (Nov.)


Emelie Östergrens schema för November

4 – 9 November – In the corner of your eye – Utställning på Brändan, Folkets Park, Malmö

8 November –Tecknade toner – Serieteket i Kulturhset, Stockholm

11-12 November – ”Making children’s books” – Konferens på Nisantasi Campus, Istanbul

14 November – Workshop tillsammans med Moa Schulman – Nisantasi Campus, Istanbul

20 November – Föreläsning om Bortbytingen – Göteborgs statsbibliotek

22 – 30 November – BA.BO.KO gruppuställning, Österlånggatan 25, Stockholm

26 November – ”Teckna en egen serie” (för barn mellan 7-12 år) – BA.BO.KO utställning, Österlånggatan 25, Stockholm

Tecknade toner

Den populära programserien “Tecknade toner” är tillbaka. Under hösten och vintern interagerar serietecknare med musiker inbjudna av improvisationsprojektet Klubb Spontan och tecknar till deras musik – live i biblioteket och projicerat i storformat.

Den 8 november tecknar Emelie Östergren till tonerna från Marta Forsberg (fiol) och Klubb Spontans egen Sasha Marko (slagverk).

Emelie Östergren gick ut från Konstfack 2007. Hennes serier och illustrationer har publicerats i tidskrifter som Hjälp, Tecknaren, Bang, Galago och Kuti. Hon har även gett ut åtskilliga serieböcker och häften, exempelvis Evil Dress (Sanatorium, 2009) och Runaway Dog (kuš, 2013). I år är hon trefaldigt bokaktuell, som illustratör till barnbokenHemligheten (tillsammans med Åsa Larsson, utgiven av Rabén & Sjögren), med egna barnboken Elefantstenen (Urax förlag), samt serieboken Bortbytingen (en adaptation av Selma Lagerlöfs novell, utgiven av Kolik förlag). Hon medverkar även i serieantologier somSkräcken i Dunwich (Lovecrafttolkningar utgivna av LL-förlaget) ochKvinnor ritar bara serier om mens (Kartago förlag). Östergrens stil präglas av fantastik, surrealism och berättarlusta. Den liknar inte mycket annat.

Den 8 november klockan 15.30-16.30 har du chansen att se henne framträda i ett improviserat möte mellan bildkonst och musik. Bokförsäljning och signering på plats.

Arrangeras av Serieteket och Bibliotek Film & Musik i samarbete med Klubb Spontan


Good morning friday

This grey day I’m very optimistic abut life even if the world I damage and everything is corrupt. I wish we was better to our world and didn’t used violence, instead love Peace! And with that I will think about the little house that stood between the new glossy buildings  in Berlin. I had a feeling the people that lived in that house was very stubborn, and no one could move them from that spot. This picture is inspired by that house. And also a inspiration to a story that I working on. A project with out a publisher, but with a lot of love form me! I will se how it continue.