Little Boxes


Everything is very late with this book Little boxes. Not many people know about it and I will have a bookrealese now one year after the book offical was on the market. One will be in Stockholm and in my friends funitureshop Löftstrands verkstad this spring and the other will be on my favorit island Blidö in the archipelago of Stockholm this summer, in a house own and built by a artist couple I know on the island.

Here is one review of Little Boxes, by Sebastian Lönnlöf, LitteraturMagazinet.

The Swedish cartoonist Emelie Östergren, who always writes in English, has so far in his books and booklets demonstrated surrealism and fabulously fabulerande with minimal funds. The goods we get this time, in a brief but rich image-based narrative.

A woman living in a house with many little girls, but something is not as it should. From her paintings with sea motif starts leaking water on the floor. And not only that – girl after girl disappears. Some will come back briefly, but in the long run decimated the more and she does not know why. Nothing goes neither to do about it, it seems. The woman lives in his house and is perplexed. Confused. Lost Passage in a very strange reality.

Perhaps the solution behind the wallpaper? It is quite unclear what actually happens and it brings a sense of unease and uncertainty. That feeling is further enhanced by pictures: artistic, colorful, with rounded lines that draw shapes a little more in every direction than what I expect. It is simply very well signed and very uncomfortable pleasing “nightmarish storytelling”. Emelie Östergren continues to excel as one of the most imaginative and artistically talented cartoonist. She continues to publish books at this rate, I am happy!

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