The first characters has arrived

Some pictures of the characters in my project with the worktitle “Dreamcatcher”. Now I will start know them even better.


Scott is the head characterflower

Flower is his friend

momVironica is the mother.


The second person Scott mets in the forest.

The there will be more characters that you gping to meet through the story.

Selma Lagerlöf

New coming project that am on my way to finish is a interpertation on the novell “Bortbytingen” av Selma Lagerlöf. That she wrote in the begining of the twentieth century. It will be out on the autumn of 2014.

Tell you more later…


Saari residence 2014

During January and February I will spend my time at a Finish residence in a city called Mietoinen. To finish the manuscript for my next comic with the swedish pulisher Sanatorium. When I came here all was gray and warm and now minus twenty degrees cellsius, white and beutieful.

Alot of cute bullfinches flying around my head. I love that its 38 days left still :-)