Graphic Canon-From heart of darkness vol 3

“Graphic Canon-From heart of darkness vol 3″, edited by Russ Kick

Så här skrivs det om min serie baserad på William S. Burruoghs “Naked Lunch”;

Emelie Östergrens “Eat Me or You Will Be Eaten” …well, goes there, in fantastical panel after panel, in colorful illustration style that recalls children’s books – until you actually look at the content and realize that it’s not for kids at all. This is the one piece in the entire Graphic Canon that squicks out everyone who reads it and has led to nightmares. From her home base in Sweden, Emelie explains that her piece is essentially a riff of the book, using some of its portion. Se believes that Burroughs wrote Naked Lunch as a deal with his accidental killing of Joan-that in some way the entire books is filtered through her. He was trying to meet Joan again and finally he does in a way, becoming reborn through her.

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