Diploma from the society of the art book price

Today I was honored with the the word from the price of The Swedish book art price.

”Uppmärksammad illustratör och berättare som förnyar graphic novel-boken igen!
En oemotståndligt drömsk bok, trendriktigt formgiven med bra svärta i trycket
och öppen rygg som ger fint uppslag. Omslagets präglade guldskrift förbryllar
och lockar läsaren in i boken.”

“Acclaimed illustrator and storyteller who renew graphic novel-book again!
An irresistibly dreamy book, fashionably styled with good blacks in the print
and open back that gives good-looking spread. Cover embossed gold writing puzzles
and tempts the reader into the book.”

Read more about The Swedish Art book price here.

This a starter for my new project…but it will take in a hole new direction far from these images. The character this old lady will follow me grew the hole summer…it will be hot and warm, in the sunny weather I will work with the dark and confusing side of this world.

Money – Work

A new comic finished for a european anthology and the swedish anthology AFK. Its about a the question around what is meaning with life money and work, big theme, Im very proud of the result and hope you all will be able to se it when its all published. Probably in the end of summer. Here you se the first page.